3D Visualization & Animation

Using video, animation and CAD to translate complicated ideas into undeniable potential— for you, for your client, for any space.

Gallagher Square at Petco Park

San Diego, California

GroundLevel had the privilege of partnering with the San Diego Padres and Larimer Design Architecture in the complete re-imagining of Gallagher Square at Petco Park, also known as ‘The Park In The Park’. This revitalization project included a new playground and dog park, an enhanced ‘Play Ball’ wiffle ball field, an improved ‘Picnic Hill’, and…

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Valle de Guadalupe Hotel & Spa

Baja, Mexico

Nestled in the rolling hills of Valle de Guadalupe, the modern and eclectic villas and spa will create a beautiful and serene hideaway for visitors. Designed around and through the existing Olive fields, the resort will offer guests ample luxury experiences including a 2-acre spa facility complete with private pool and treatment opportunities. A labor…

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Mixed-Use Campus

Las Vegas, Nevada

An adaptive re-use of an idyllic 1970’s-era corporate campus in the heart of Las Vegas’s thriving Chinatown district.   This reimagined campus will convert the existing campus’ Cor-ten canopied buildings into a series of high-end restaurants that seamlessly engage the site’s beautiful mature landscape understory and pine tree canopy with a series of patio decks and…

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Santa Fe Summit

San Diego, California

This 30-acre corporate campus nestles against the rustic canyon edges.  Using the native flora of the canyon, the landscape blurs the edges between wild and built, leading its user through a story of stewardship and textural play.  The interior spaces of the campus continue the natural layering of the canyons, allowing outdoor courtyards, pathways, and…

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Gentry on the Green

Scottsdale, Arizona

A dynamic environment set within the boundaries of multi-family living and retail uses; Gentry on the Green is being developed as a multi-functional public park with utmost flexibility.  Inclusive of bandstands, tree-canopied picnic areas, a major bike throughway, and spaces for informal dining and memory-making, one of the most important factors in the design was…

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EPOCA Village Central Park

San Diego, California

A public-private partnership between the City and Client, the Village Central Park is designed to be the collector for the community.  With protected edges to insulate the pedestrian users, the park maintains utmost flexibility through its numerous user options.  From family parties to movies in the park, the layout and elements of design are added…

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EPOCA Trails Park

San Diego, California

Located along the ridge line of native plantings, Trails Park is designed to both blur the boundary of the native edges as well as create recreation and sporting opportunities for the residents it supports.  Placing the more active uses near the residential streets allows the remainder of the park to have open expanses for programmed…

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Every perspective possible

Plan drawings fall short in fully expressing aspects of an outdoor space. When decision-makers need to see the bigger picture before they’re convinced, GroundLevel’s visualization services add a new dimension to your ideas.

Success takes many shapes

You provide the vision. GroundLevel executes. Our team uses drones, video and 3D graphics to add depth and motion to your project. These visual aids help build consensus around design decisions, and allow for greater attention to detail.

Fully immersed in your project

See how we use simulations to help your clients fully embrace the story being told.

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