Ashley Hoden

Senior Associate

With nearly two decades of landscape architecture and planning experience, Ashley charted an atypical career trajectory that includes a wide array of boutique and luxury project typologies — community planning, urban design, resorts, retail, and estate residential — in locations spanning north and central America, Europe, asia, the middle east, and oceania. He brings a mind for complex systems to his work and strives to integrate nuanced cultural influences with natural and infrastructural functions that contribute to the evolution of cities as thriving hubs of humanity for eons to come.

Beyond his design efforts, Ashley has for over 20 years pursued his passion to write, becoming an independent author and publisher, and more recently contributing to Landscape Architecture Magazine. Through design and writing he has traveled widely across the globe and has lived in Europe, Asia, Qatar, and on both coasts of the United States. Off the clock, he’s usually hanging with his bunny sidekick Buster, as one does.