Our Approach

Our approach is to create spaces and environments for people to enjoy life.

We know every client expects a good design, delivered on time, and on budget. At GroundLevel we provide more than just the basic expectations. We offer the promise of a partnership. Time has taught us that a shared passion between the client and designer will ultimately lead our projects to success.


Ten things we live by

  • We dedicate ourselves to aesthetics. Our solutions stimulate the imagination and our designs communicate our fundamental understanding of excellence.

  • We build trust. We are straightforward, honest and clear with our clients, our associates and the communities that we serve.

  • We form working coalitions. We team with the best people whether they are clients, associates or our staff, who have vision, integrity, and the desire to see projects through to a successful completion.

  • We are committed to the universal vision of “Sustainability”. Our office strives to promote and implement smart choice and sustainable results.

  • We work smart. Our office is shaped by highly intelligent persons committed to providing creative and efficient solutions.

  • We are committed to quality. We set high standards of quality for our clients and their competition to follow.

  • We communicate in unison. With both clients and associates we work seamlessly and in tandem to create a single voice.

  • We design timeless work. Our designs will be just as relevant in fifty years as they are today.

  • We are relevant. We act in context to communicate an attention to detail as well as understanding the “big picture” and how our work fits into the final solution.

  • We are innovative. We approach each challenge with a fresh set of eyes, seeking to fulfill each project’s true potential.


Promise of Partnership

From large-scale retail centers to the smallest rooftop garden, a sprawling hospital campus to exclusive private estates, each project goes through its own creative development and process making it unique and memorable.  Utilizing a clear cohesive partnership, the results are dynamic and engaging places for the experience of living.