About GroundLevel

We are passionate about design in general and especially the quality of the urban living experience.

GroundLevel projects are varied in scope and type. Our goal:  placemaking that fits the environment and is engaging and thoughtfully organized around the client’s program. With San Diego’s climate and outdoor lifestyle as inspiration we have created some memorable places.

“We sincerely appreciate your consistent willingness to explore further all the design refinements and details on the final plans. You are always receptive to input, informative and helpful
and we sincerely appreciate your continuing attention to detail on this inspired project.”
Edward W. Cook III
McCarthy Cook

Truly Collaborative

GroundLevel’s team of designers takes you deep into the creative process to deliver environments that reflect the vision of the client and sparks primal emotions within the people who use the space. Since the firm’s founding in 1995, experience has taught us that a shared passion between the client and designer will ultimately lead each project to success.